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Available Shelties

Shelties over 2 years old are our group's most frequently fostered and adopted dogs. If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs on this page, please read our adoption information and fill out an adoption application.

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Jojo - JoJo was a foundling in the Liberty Hill area. The finder tried for several weeks to find his owner but no luck. JoJo is a sable and white neutered male. He is up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventive. We are guessing JoJo is about 3 or 4 years old. He stands about 16 inches tall and weighs 37 pounds. He gets along great with other dogs and children. He does not get along with cats or chickens and will not be adopted to a home with either. JoJo is a snuggler and he loves to play with other dogs…often is the instigator of playtime. His favorite pastime is emptying the dog toy box searching for just the right toy.


Riley - Riley is a 6 year old owner surrender because of some family changes and health issues of the former owners. Riley is up to date on all vaccinations, is heartworm negative and on heartworm preventive. Riley has been neutered, stands about 15 inches tall and weighs 52 pounds, about 25 pounds overweight. This extra weight has cause him some skin issues which are being treated with antibiotics. We are testing his thyroid to see if there is an issue with it which may be causing the weight issue. His foster mom has put him on a weight loss diet and exercise. He loves to walk and each day the distance get a little longer. Riley is house and crate trained. He has excellent house manners and is very polite, he also gets along with other dogs and cats.


Duncan - Duncan is a 12 year old sable and white sheltie who’s family was moving and felt he would not do well in the new location. Duncan is a very well-mannered fellow, he gets along well with other dogs but is a bit concerned about puppies and very small children. Duncan is up to date on all vaccination, heartworm negative, neutered and on heartworm preventive. Duncan is house trained and loves taking walks on his leash.


Loki 2 - Loki 2 is an owner surrender due to many changes in his family and they felt he needs a more stable life style. Loki is 10 years old and overweight at 65 pounds, he only stands about 16 inches tall. Loki is neutered and is up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm negative and on heartworm prevention. Loki has excellent house manners, is housetrained and crate trained. Loki has a thyroid issue that is easily corrected with inexpensive medication. Loki will be working hard to get rid of around 30 to 35 pounds by eating low calorie food, green beans and slow and gentle exercise. He also is showing signs of arthritis because of the weight issue so he is on regular anti-inflammatories. Loki is very mild mannered and he gets along with small children and other dogs. He also walks well on a leash. Watch for regular pupdates on his weight loss efforts.


Ellis - Ellis is a foundling from San Antonio. His finder tried very hard to locate his owners but no one came forward for him. Ellis is a sheltie mix, may have some shih tzu in him. Ellis is about 12 inches tall and only weighs around 12 pounds. He is neutered and up to date on all of his vaccinations, neutered and so sad, Ellis is heartworm positive. He will start treatment in December. Ellis also some dental issues and skin issues that will be taken care of before he starts his heartworm treatment. Ellis is a snuggler, he loves to jump up next to you on the couch or chair. He gets along well with other dogs and walks well on a leash.


Ellis finished his heartworm treatment and is doing great.  He is house trained and he gets along great with other dogs.  We have decided that Ellis is probably being 6 and 8 and has the energy of a much younger dog.  His foster mom says Ellis gets excited and has what she calls the ‘zoomies’ he runs and bounces all over the place and is just so happy to be safe.  He gets along great with small children and new dogs he meets on his walks.



Lucas – Lucas is a young sheltie that came in to the local shelter as a stray. He was found wandering around the lake and had a terrible case of sarcoptic mange. He has been thru treatment for the mange and his hair is starting to grow in and cover the bald places. He is also up to date on all of his vaccinations, heartworm negative, and on heartworm preventative. Lucas is about 14 inches tall and came in to rescue weighing around 14 pounds. Lucas is a happy go lucky puppy that has just gotten into a foster home and we will be learning more about him, his personality and what he knows.

UPDATE: Lucas is over his case of sarcoptic mange and after noticing that the fur was not growing back on his face and feet we took him to a dermatologist. It was determined that Lucas may have what is commonly called collie nose or DM (Dermatomyositis). It is not contagious but a genetic issue that effects a small percentage of shelties and collies. Here is a website with information concerning DM: . Lucas is a sweet well behaved sheltie mix. He is house trained and crate trained and has excellent house manners. He loves to go on walks and interacts well with other dogs and with people he meets on those walks. We took him to Barnes and Noble when we were gift wrapping at Christmas and he was a wonderful ambassador meeting and smoozing with all of the visitors. He is currently around 4 years old and is looking for his forever home. He would love an active home as he loves to run and play with toys. He also gets along well with small children and other dogs.


Remy Remy – Remy is a one year old special needs Sheltie looking for his forever home. He weighs approximately 46 lbs. He is blind in his right eye but sees well out of the left eye and is also deaf. But in spite of his special needs he loves people and has learned hand signals to sit, down and shake. He has completed special training to learn boundaries and how to deal with his lack of sight and hearing. The trainer has recommended that the best home would have no other dogs (he does get along with cats) and no small children. He is looking for a forever home that will continue with his training and give him lots of loving. Please apply for Remy at

Austin Sheltie Rescue is cross-posting Remy for Freedom Collie Rescue located in the Houston area.
 This is a courtesy listing and all contact should be made with them. Their web site is

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Howdy Howdy was a stray and his family never came for him.  He is about 10 or 11 years old, up to date on all of his vaccinations, neutered, and micro-chipped.  When we tested Howdy for heartworms, we found that he is high heartworm positive and that he will have to go thru treatment, so sad since preventive is really inexpensive next to the cost of the treatment.  Howdy is 16 inches tall and weighs 38 pounds, he needs to lose a few.  Howdy is a true Texan, very friendly and he greets you with a paw (handshake).  His foster family is working with him on a refresher course of housetraining.

UPDATE:  Howdy has completed his heartworm treatment and is able to take walks, run and play.  His foster mom has this to say about him:  He has gotten much better with house training.  He does well in his crate and is a real snuggle bug.  He is very social and gets along well with our two resident shelties.  He loves to greet people with a paw shake.  He is deaf but that doesn’t slow him down and is learning hand signals very well.  He loves to be around people and follows each of us around the house all the time.  He is going to make someone a wonderful and sweet companion.


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Abbreviations: VETTING/CLINICALS (dog is in one of our clinics for work-ups); OR (Owner Relinquishment to our program); OTI (Owner Turn In to area shelter); HW+ (dog tested positive for heartworm disease and is going through treatments; should have a re-check 4-6 months after adoption); HW- (dog tested negative for heartworm disease and is on preventative; should have a re-check 4-6 months after adoption); UTI (urinary tract infection); UTD (dog is Up to Date on vaccinations and heartworm preventive); PB (the Sheltie is a purebred; all our Shelties are PB unless otherwise indicated); X (the Sheltie is a Mix, which we determine as best we can with our veterinarians).
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